Side B

I’m happy to announce the release of my new album, Side B! As the title suggests, Side B shows a different side to my music making — the focus on this record is electronic and orchestral textures. I’ve had a long time love of electronic-based music (I started out on my brother’s Jupiter 4 back in the late ’70s) and ended up studying electro-acoustic/computer music in school. To date, all of my albums have been guitar-based — the electronic and orchestral elements were generally in support of my guitar playing. With Side B, I wanted to bring those supportive sounds to the front. I also wanted to free myself from “standard” song/production formats, so some of the tracks were built around sound design or were developed from a drum/bass groove. I had a great time writing/recording this record and I hope to do more music in this style in the future.

For anyone concerned that I’ve dropped the acoustic guitar (that would NEVER happen), there are absolutely no worries. I’m currently working on a new guitar-based record that’s heavily influenced by bluegrass and roots music.

You can listen to Side B in it’s entirety on my BandCamp site. The first track on the record, “Water” is available for free download and the entire album can be downloaded in just about any audio format for $5. I hope to have Side B available on iTunes and other sites shortly.

As always, thanks and bye for now,

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