Labels dissatisfied with MySpace Music performance

Labels dissatisfied with MySpace Music performance

“….With Apple dominating online music retail, MySpace Music is seen as a potential new opportunity to generate sales.

At the very least, MySpace Music’s sluggish performance illustrates how difficult that task is. Music consumption on the Web has really come down to two horses: iTunes and illegal peer-to-peer sites.”

Yes, but I think it’s even simpler than that.  It basically comes down to the time/money balancing act. The less time one has, the more likely they are to gravitate to a paid service like iTunes.  The more time one has, the more likely they are to use P2P networks.  Maybe there’s something in the middle — say $0.50 per tune.  Then again, maybe the P2P users can never be enticed (at any price) to pay for downloads.

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