Merry Christmas

Sonya and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope your Xmas is filled with all the things that matter most to you. We also hope you’ve been (mostly) not naughty this year and Santa will bring you something cool! : )

Here’s a version of “The First Noël” that Sonya and I recorded a few years back that features the vocals of Wendy Irvine.

Merry Christmas!!

“A Little Sketch”

Thought I’d take a break from recording and record this little sketch called, oddly enough, “A Little Sketch”. Wrote the piece a couple nights ago on acoustic, but I was playing around with my Montreal Premiere and Bias Amp today and the tune seemed to work pretty well.

“St. Joseph Street”

Finally got my 2009 EP “St. Joseph Street” back up on iTunes. I rarely (basically never) listen to my older tunes, but it was fun going back and checking out the tracks. Would I do some things differently now than I did when I made the EP? Absolutely, but I still like the music and appreciate all of the help the musicians gave me in making the album.

St. Joseph Street (2000x2000).jpg

“Already Said Goodbye”

I’m a trusting person by nature, which means I occasionally get blindsided and I just can’t see that someone has “Already Said Goodbye”. This is another song I’m putting on my upcoming record and, as always, I hope you like it.

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Practice Session

Great practice session today. Ran straight through my folk/singer-songwriter set from memory… 21 tunes (14 originals and 7 covers). About an hour and twenty-one minutes in length… Or roughly half the length of a single Rush tune : ). I may add in a few more songs, but I’m getting close to my goal of becoming a wandering troubadour.

Shelly and Kelly | Race Day

Just released the brand new Shelly and Kelly | “Race Day” video! I’ve had so much fun mixing and writing songs for the Shelly and Kelly cartoons. We have two of my friends singing on “Race Day”. It’s Wendy Irvine‘s stellar vocals on the theme song and Ron “Tommy The Tuna” Scott does the singing on “Awesome Day!”. Somehow I don’t think Ron would have guessed he’d end up as a singing tuna when we met 20 plus years ago : )