Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business

Just finished reading Hank Bordowitz‘s Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business.  To cut to the chase, I liked it! The book is very well written and is a first rate overview of the record business. Anyone who’s interested in the underpinnings of the record industry could do worse than pick up DLSRB.

I have two minor criticisms of the book. Firstly, and perhaps selfishly on my part, there is little that relates to an indie artist like me. This is a criticism I have with many music business books though. And secondly, for media junkies like myself, some of the info in the book seems dated.  A lot has changed since DLSRB came out in 2007. To be fair, that’s true of anything written about business and/or technology.

That’s about it — all in all a great read!

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