Record industry faces liability over ‘infringement’

Record industry faces liability over `infringement’

Hard to believe this is even true.  You have to wonder the logic behind Warner Music Canada, Sony BMG Music Canada, EMI Music Canada, and Universal Music Canada’s decision to “exploit now, pay later if at all.”  Maybe it’s simply pure greed.  Maybe it’s bad management.

But as the author Michael Geist ponts out: “After years of claiming Canadian consumers disrespect copyright, the irony of having the recording industry face a massive lawsuit will not be lost on anyone, least of all the artists still waiting to be paid. Indeed, they are also seeking punitive damages, arguing “the conduct of the defendant record companies is aggravated by their strict and unremitting approach to the enforcement of their copyright interests against consumers.”

Yup.  And regardless of how this plays out in the courts it looks and smells like it is. Bad.

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