SR Technology JAM 150 Plus

I have a keeper!  I just picked up an SR Technology JAM 150 Plus and it’s exactly what I was looking for: An amp that is more than an amp.  I play a fairly wide range of sounds — everything from nylon string guitar to electric to guitar synth — so I need an amp that can handle a huge frequency range and lots of dynamics.  The JAM 150 Plus does that with ease.

SR Technology has made the JAM 150 Plus incredibly simple to operate.  You basically have six input channels.  Channels 1 and 2 have 1/4″ inputs as well as XLR inputs, channel 3/4 has 1/4″ inputs that can be used either separately or in combination, channel 5/6 has RCA inputs designed to take an input from your iPod, computer or CD player.  Channels 1, 2 and 3/4 have a high, mid and low eq and an effects send (works on both the internal effects or the effects send).  Channel 5/6 has a high and low eq.  You also have RCA record outs with a level knob, an XLR line out, a 1/4″ effects send and two effects return inputs.

SR Technology has included some built in digital effects.  You have a choice of four effects — one delay and three reverbs.  As well, there’s a phantom power switch for condenser mics and there’s a handy ground lift on the back of the amp.  One last point, the Jam 150 Plus has a mount on the bottom of the speaker which would make it perfect for use as a main PA speaker.  Honestly, if you’re at all familiar with running a small mixer you’ll have zero trouble with the JAM 150 Plus.

So how does it sound?  That’s really the most important thing.  Well, it sounds amazing!  Big and open with a huge amount of headroom.  Everything I’ve put through the amp has sounded absolutely first rate.  Running my main guitar, a Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA through my pedalboard, then into Mainstage 2 (for reverbs and delays) and finally out to the JAM 150 Plus produced some of the best tones I’ve ever had.  When I added synth sounds to my nylon string, I was able to create tones that were lushand defined.

And while we’re on the subject of synth sounds… SR Technology states that the amp’s frequencies extend down to 40 Hz (and all the way up to 20 kHz).  I have no way to accurately measure this, but I did test out the bottom end on the amp.  I dialed up a monstrously low synth bass using Spectrasonics Trilian.  The walls of my condo shook!  Seriously.  This amp has no shortage of bottom end, so if you’re a guitarist using any kind of detuning, the JAM 150 Plus is not going to let you down.

On the electric guitar side of things, the JAM 150 Plus brought my tones to life.  All of my electric sounds (amps and effects) come from Mainstage.  I still occasionally use Amplitube 2 (great plugin!), but the new Amp Designer and Pedalboard plugins in Logic/Mainstage are my number one choice for electric sounds.  Playing these electric sounds through the JAM 150 Plus was an absolute joy!  It feels great and that makes me play better.  To be clear, the JAM 150 Plus doesn’t offer any kind of built in amp modeling — you’re going to need your amp models and effects to be generated by a plugin, effects pedal(s) or some combination of the two.

I guess by now you can tell I’m a fan of this amp.  The SR Technology JAM 150 Plus has everything I look for in an amp: top notch sound quality, portability (the amp weighs only 29 lbs) and world class build.  Doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty sharp too!  I’m keeping it!

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