Sony Music to drop promo CDs

Sony Music to drop promo CDs

I actually thought this would have happened a long time ago.  I understand that some people in the industry (reviewers, radio stations, etc.) still want a physical product, but CDs make little or no sense in 2010. There is far less environmental impact from digital downloads and digital files are far easier to manage from a delivery standpoint. They’re also easier to use. Finding a particular track amongst ten thousand songs in an iTunes-like system is a breeze. Finding that same track on one of 1,000 CDs is, to be charitable, a challenge.

As Sony’s CEO, Ged Doherty, says:

“Digital promo is set to become an industry standard as other major and independent music companies also make the switch. Physical stock is expensive, difficult to store and environmentally unfriendly. The digital e-card system that we have developed and tested in-house will provide all our partners across radio, television, press and retail with the same sound quality you are used to as well as artist images, pack shots, press clippings and other content to give you a complete picture of each release”.

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