My good friend Ron Scott and I wrote a bunch of tunes under the project name SpringFall. I know Ron (ever the perfectionist!) would have liked to have fixed up a few vocal things on this demo for one of our tunes, Two For One, but I think he sounds like a million bucks! Ron also did the artwork for this track… Sonya played the keys and I did the guitars and production stuff. This track is a demo, but I think you can get the vibe we were going for and I/we hope you like the music!

SpringFall – “Two For One” on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “SpringFall

  1. Very nice (I happen to like it very much)………just a couple of things………production quality, I prefer to here drums and instruments individually for riffs, fills, and accentuations. Nice Voice (I happen to like the lead voice), but during the chorus I think that a 3 part harmony would really sound good. Females…….a nice soprano and maybe a separate tenor run ascending or descending while a base sells the chorus with a nice foundation. Even a 2 part harmony without base would satisfy my Idea, at least another voice in the chorus. Still other than my personal opinion, I like the song and even though I’m not used to vocals on any thing Jamie’s involved in, I consider myself an easy going up for anything type of music lover, and I give the total Idea a big thumbs up…………well after all…….you asked for a comment, and I thank you for that chance.

  2. Hi David… Thank you so much for taking the time to listen so deeply and for the compliments! You have some great ideas… Hopefully, Ron and I will get a chance to record this track with a live band (and some additional singers). I’ll let Ron know about your comments and compliments. Thanks again and best wishes, Jamie

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