Change to copyright law in federal budget ‘a really bad idea’ as critics worry about threat to artistic freedom

I don’t agree with many things the Conservatives do, but the extending of the copyright term in Canada makes total sense to me. Equalizing the term length with the US and other countries is going to make things more transparent and ultimately better for content creators.

National Post

Tucked away inside the 500-page budget unveiled in Ottawa Tuesday was a single sentence that is already raising alarm over how it will affect the way Canadians create and consume media.

In a section about “celebrating our heritage,” the budget vows to update the Copyright Act “to protect sound recordings and performances for an additional 20 years,” raising the copyright term for musical works from 50 to 70 years and potentially signalling further restrictions on works of art yet to be unveiled, critics fear.

“This extension is a really bad idea,” said Tamir Israel, staff lawyer at the Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic at the University of Ottawa. “There is no proof at all the extended copyright term in any way increases incentives to create. On the other hand, Canadians are robbed of open access to works that should be entering the public domain.”

Israel says the 70-year…

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