Spiral Path (Live in the Studio)

Took a bit of a break from getting the word out about my new album, There To Now to shoot another live in the studio video. This tune, “Spiral Path”, I released back in 1997 on my self-titled debut album (“Jamie Bonk”) and have loved playing it live ever since. I stayed pretty close to the album version of “Spiral Path” for the melody sections, but the solo definitely takes a bit of a different road. Hope you like the video!

Boundless (Live in the Studio)

Here’s a live in the studio video of “Boundless”.  This tune was originally released on my 2007 EP “5” and it featured the incredible Jeff Oster on flugelhorn.  Hope you like this version of “Boundless” and the video!

If You Only Knew (Live in the Studio)

In many ways, “If You Only Knew” was one of the songs that helped me become the artist I am today. I had done quite a bit of music before releasing this track on my debut album — New Wave, Free Jazz, Classical, etc. But “If You Only Knew” and other tracks on my debut pushed me to focus on what was important (at least to me) — melody being front and centre. This Live in the Studio video of “If You Only Knew” is pretty much like the album track. As always, thanks for listening and I hope you like the music!

Tanzen (Live in the Studio)

I’ve always liked music that draws on a variety of sources — tracks that blend styles in a seamless way. And that’s exactly what I tried to do with “Tanzen”. All of the tunes on my 1997 self-titled debut album had some combination of styles and production techniques, but one of them, “Tanzen”, stands out to me. I think (hope!) I achieved a seamless blend of electronic and acoustic textures on the track. Here’s a live in the studio version of “Tanzen”. Thanks for taking the time to listen!

’73 (Live in the Studio)

Like most writers, I find it tough to single out which of my tunes I like “better” than others. Some pieces are a true struggle to write and record and some just seem to flow right from the beginning. Some of my songs work great live and others, well, not so much. That said, ’73 is one of those pieces that, if you twist my arm, I’d put into the “like better” category. Here’s a live in the studio version of ’73. Thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you like the music.