Watched “Restrung”, a very cool documentary on Wyn Guitars last night. It was great to hear Abraham Laboriel and James LoMenzo playing the basses, but just as interesting to me was getting to see and hear about Wyn’s workflow. He’s incredibly organized and deeply considers the ergonomics of his shop. I try to do the same thing, albeit on a lesser scale, in my studio. Also, Randall’s comments on efficiency versus enthusiasm hit home. I’m sure sanding necks for three days straight can’t be a ton of fun, even though it maybe highly efficient. I come up against similar issues when recording an album. Do I do all of the MIDI stuff for the entire record first? Record all of the rhythm guitars in one go? That sort of thing is more efficient, but it’s not nearly as exciting as taking a song at a time from nothing to a finished master. Anyways, the documentary’s good, so if you have about an hour to spare, check it out!

Merry Christmas

Sonya and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope your Xmas is filled with all the things that matter most to you. We also hope you’ve been (mostly) not naughty this year and Santa will bring you something cool! : )

Here’s a version of “The First Noël” that Sonya and I recorded a few years back that features the vocals of Wendy Irvine.

Merry Christmas!!

“A Little Sketch”

Thought I’d take a break from recording and record this little sketch called, oddly enough, “A Little Sketch”. Wrote the piece a couple nights ago on acoustic, but I was playing around with my Montreal Premiere and Bias Amp today and the tune seemed to work pretty well.

“Already Said Goodbye”

I’m a trusting person by nature, which means I occasionally get blindsided and I just can’t see that someone has “Already Said Goodbye”. This is another song I’m putting on my upcoming record and, as always, I hope you like it.

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Practice Session

Great practice session today. Ran straight through my folk/singer-songwriter set from memory… 21 tunes (14 originals and 7 covers). About an hour and twenty-one minutes in length… Or roughly half the length of a single Rush tune : ). I may add in a few more songs, but I’m getting close to my goal of becoming a wandering troubadour.