The New Record

I’ve started working on my seventh solo album! Over the last year or so, I wrote 25-30 tunes intended for this new record — some complete pieces, some just sketches — and I’ve picked out what I feel are the best 14 tunes for the album. Probably 10-12 of those tracks will make it on the final record — or at least that’s the sort of thing that’s happened in the past. There always seems to be a couple tracks that either don’t turn out the way I’d like or they simply don’t “fit” with the other tunes.

To be honest, I’m never exactly sure of the overall sound of an album before I start recording, but I’m fairly certain that this is going to be a very guitar oriented record. Lots of guitar. And lots of my new love, mandolin. Also, I’ve been playing quite a bit of electric guitar lately, so there’s going to be electric all over the album too.

I’ve been listen to a huge amount of seventies music recently and I think I’d like that sort of vibe to be the core sound of the album. A very dry rhythm section sound (think Jackson Browne or Fleetwood Mac) and not a ton of pads or ambient textures is pretty much what I’m hearing.

And that’s about it at this point! There’s no release date for the record, but things are moving along nicely!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Thanks and best wishes,

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