My 2013 Musical Goals

So here we are approaching the end of 2012 and it’s once again that time of year for resolutions.  Like just about everyone I know, I have the same kinds of resolutions: eat healthier; work out more; be a “better” person.  But seeing as I’m a musician, I thought I would share my musical resolutions, or better yet, goals for 2013.  So here we go…

1. Practice. Not only practice more, but more consistently and with greater focus and intent.  Practice is a hurdle for any working musician, but without it you won’t be working for long.

2. Related to #1, practice all of the things that make me a stronger player.  In particular, I want to work on balancing out picked notes with slurs, so that my playing is more fluid.

3. Singing. When singing harmony with Sixteen Different Minds, I’d like to be able to consistently sing something approaching a known, recognizable interval.  There’s nothing wrong with micro-tonal singing, except when it’s unintended!

4. Memorize 20-30 more Celtic/Irish tunes on the mandolin so I can sit in on a jam session at the Dora Keogh.

Of course, I also have more directed career goals. I’d like to record one or two more records this year. And gig more. And I have some tech goals like working on my own custom synth/sample patches for Logic and Omnisphere. And updating the hardware in my studio… Lots of things to shoot for in 2013 — it’s going to be a great year!

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