Blue Chip Picks

Just received two new Blue Chip picks in the mail today… A TD 40 and a TP-1R 40.  Basically, they’re backups for Blue Chips I already have.  Yes, I know, Blue Chip picks are INSANELY expensive ($35 each).  So if you’re a player who likes to fling picks into the audience or you regularly lose picks, Blue Chip picks are not for you (unless you happen to be a rock star with a boatload of disposable income that is!).  I almost never lose picks (still have picks from high school) and I can’t think of the last (or the first) time I flung a pick into an audience, so I can kind of rationalize the price.  Cost aside, Blue Chips are hands down the best I’ve ever used — terrific tone, almost indestructible and they stick to my fingers like no other pick.  Love ’em!


  1. what is the difference in the td and tp and all the others, stp, tpr, etc.,,,what would you recommend for a rhythm player??

  2. Hi Jeff… The difference between a TD and a TP-1R is the shape. A TD is similar to a “standard” teardrop shaped guitar pick. A TP-1R is wider and has one rounded corner. Both of the picks are great! They each have a unique tone and feel to them, which I really like — gives me options for different songs. I have a right hand speed bevel on all of my Blue Chip picks.

    For a rhythm player, I’d say start with a TD40. If you don’t like it, I believe Blue Chip will exchange it for a different model.

    Hope this helps,

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