New Gear

I’ve been updating my studio and I thought I’d write a short post about the hardware and software I’ve picked up.

The biggest change has been the addition of a brand new Mac Mini.  I bought a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 Gigs of RAM and a one terabyte Fusion Drive.  To say the computer has some serious grunt would be an understatement.  A massive understatement.  I seem to have no real limits now when I use Logic.  I haven’t been able to bring the computer to its knees and that’s a very, very freeing feeling.  Logic is showing eight cores on this quad core chip (which seems odd), but I’m not complaining!

I also updated Pianteq Play to Pianoteq Stage and purchased the Blüthner Model 1 add-on.  I’m not a piano player, but the Blüthner Model 1 is truly inspiring to write with and I’m positive it’ll be on the next few albums I’m working on now.

And lastly, I bought the new Sweetone from Sonimus.  Just a gorgeous, simple and effective eq/filter.  I’ve already used it on some liners for radio stations (i.e. This is Jamie Bonk and you’re listening to X radio station…) and it worked beautifully.  I used the Sonimus Satson and SonEQ plugins extensively on my last solo record (Necessity) and Sweetone is sure to become a go-to plugin for me in the future.

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