Takamine P3FCN

It’s fun to get a new guitar and even more fun to celebrate with a nice single malt scotch!

Jamie Bonk with Takamine P3FCN

2 thoughts on “Takamine P3FCN

  1. Confession:

    I hadn’t heard your music before I came here–I was looking to see who was using the P3FCN, and I’m pleased to see that you’re still using it. I bought one a few months back and while I’m a true amateur (most of my music is played in my home office) I think I’m in love with the instrument. See: https://lawschoolissoover.wordpress.com/2022/01/11/my-new-guitar-needs-a-name/.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying listening to your playing–that’s a MUCH quieter version of “How I Got to Memphis” than I do, and it changes the song in interesting ways. And your talk about gear is interesting as well (personally, some reverb and a phaser, maybe a flanger, is about all I want for acoustic stuff–these days I use what’s built into the amp, but I miss my Small Stone). Richard Thompson has written a bit on his pedalboard, though the stuff I’ve read about is primarily Strat-driven. When I’ve seen him play acoustic, he seems to limit his effects use…

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment and for the compliment! Like my version of “How I Got To Memphis”, most of my music pretty much falls under (or very near) the quiet, mellow, peaceful, etc. umbrella — guess that’s my “sound”.

    For me, effects on an acoustic are more for enhancement than transformation. So some subtle effects like reverb, delay, maybe a touch of chorus on reverb, some kind of saturation work great… I’m also really liking how impulse responses can dramatically improve my plugged in tone. I have both the Mooer Radar (using impulses from 3 Sigma Audio) and the LR Baggs Voiceprint. Both have been working great for me.

    And lastly, went and read your terrific post on your own P3FCN. Isn’t it great when a guitar speaks to you, like yours does? Thanks again and best wishes, Jamie

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