Good To Be

"Good To Be" by Jamie BonkI’m happy to announce the release of my new single and video, Good To Be! The track features Henrik Bridger (bass), Dave Patel (drums) and Sonya Mitlewski (keyboards) and I can’t thank them enough for their great playing. There really is nothing like good players to help lift up a track.

The working title for Good To Be was A Touch Of Zaw (short for A Touch Of Zawinul). When I starting writing the track, I was trying to get a touch of the upbeat, percolating vibe that Zawinul sometimes had with Weather Report and the Zawinul Syndicate. While Good To Be really isn’t a tribute track (there certainly is a bit (or a lot!) of a Daft Punk/Nile Rodgers feel in there), I hope the tune shows my respect for the music of Joe Zawinul and puts a smile on your face!

The groovy, fast moving video for Good To Be was created by my brother, Randy and his son Khalin. I think they did an amazing job tying together video shots, photos and cinemagraphs (moving photos) into one quick paced, fun video.

Good To Be is a digital-only release and is available now at most online retailers, including iTunes.

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