Jamie Bonk | “No Tuition”: Episode #3 – Matthew James Gibson

In Episode #3 of “No Tuition”, I speak with Vancouver-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Matthew James Gibson.  Matt’s debut album, “A Trip To Remember, A Place To Forget”, was just released and we chatted about the making of the record, his creative process and much more.

Jamie Bonk | “No Tuition”: Episode #2 – Nolan Hubbard

This second episode of “No Tuition” features an interview with singer/songwriter/guitarist Nolan Hubbard. Nolan was kind enough to speak with me on one of his few days off from his current tour. We covered everything from how he writes to his gear to his future plans and I think the interview turned out fantastic!

Jamie Bonk | “No Tuition”: Episode #1 – Andrew Beg

On this first ever episode of “No Tuition”, I chat with Toronto-based indie singer/songwriter/guitarist Andrew Beg. Andrew and I talked about a wide range of subjects including his three ongoing projects, the challenges of being an emerging artist and, of course, guitars and gear! I hope you enjoy checking out the interview as much as I did doing it.